Weekly Reading for December 1-7

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For this reading, I had someone choose three different cards from Tony Christie’s Labyrinth Wisdom Cards deck, face down. I did not flip each card over until I had finished writing the message from the previous card. I find it so incredible and awe-inspiring how they all flow together, one into the other, synchronistically on the same path.

Card #1 Transition – You are going through a period of change. You will emerge renewed.

As 2019 draws to a close, there is still much magic and transformation to discover. We are moving closer to the shortest and darkest day of the year in which shadows will reverse and more light will be drawn in to illuminate all that no longer wants to remain hidden.

Old patterns and stories may be re-emerging, seeking to move closer to the light so they can be illuminated and viewed for what they are. Sort of like watching a horror movie on a bright sunny day from the movie set versus a dark stormy night at home. On set, you see the full picture and the man-made drama with people running around the set with fake blood and plastic toys.

At home in the dark, the mind can fill in the hollows and make untruths real – fooling, playing mind tricks and creating fear. Keep your eyes open and remember that behind the story, there is a fictitious cast made up of childhood parts that tried to make sense of bits and pieces of information by creating a fictional narrative to help you make sense of the world. That story is being re-written now. You may feel like you are being turned inside out being squished and liquefied like a caterpillar in a cocoon. It may seem as though you have no control or choice in what’s happening; however, you are moving closer to a breakthrough.

One in which you are shedding your cocoon casing and emerging from your past. You will experience much joy, amazement and wonder on the other side soaring higher with your new beautiful wings that were fragile and weak at the start but now carry you to heights you had not dreamed possible.

Trust the process and that all is happening for your highest good. Trust yourself and know that deep truths are winding and whirling up through your consciousness, transforming from dark to light. And once in the open, you will have a higher perspective of love and gratitude for those things carrying the weight of a narrative that was not never you. It was a part and will always be – just smaller and quieter with much less power to get in the way.

Surrender, trust and let go. The tighter you hold on, the rougher the ride will be. Allow your path to unfold in front of you. Old ways of being that previously kept you safe are now a hindrance. Let yourself be vulnerable, gentle and flexible. It’s going to take some work and energy to pass through the eye of the needle but you will be be birthed anew.

Card#2 Warrior – Fight for what is right for you. You have all the strength you need.

Through this journey, you may be tested and pushed against. You may be hurled into the air and thrown up against the rocks so you can more clearly see your strength and viability. You may need to confront those things in your life that are no longer working for you – whether your own limitations and bullshit, outdated paradigms or relationships that may need to be let go of.

|Be brave and courageous when seeking understanding of what is holding you back from moving on into the life that is awaiting you to claim it. Be a loving witness for any inner battles and demons come up. You may be in the fight now feeling as though you are struggling in rubber cobwebs that bend and bounce back as you try to move through. But you will find that they get stiffer and weaker allowing you to break through to the other side. The joy, the love, the enriching and uplifting relationships, the mission-driven purpose, the abundance, the connection, the wholeness, the all-that-is. Ok, maybe that’s too over the top especially in a place of anger and frustration as you are in a tug-of-war, but it’s all waiting for you on the other side. The only way out is through. This will be another time that you need to trust the process and trust yourself.

Each challenge popping up is there to build strength and determination. Each test is pushing you to keep going. You can do hard things. Face your issues. Draw on your inner warrior and inner strength to carry you through any obstacle in your way. You have everything inside you that you need right now. Be open to the miracle unfolding within.

Card #3 Bravery – Things may seem difficult right now. Be brave and face your fears.

This card shows that messages and themes will repeat throughout your days until they teach you what you need to know. They will come in different ways and different languages until one lands in a way that you can hear it and take the message in for change. Ask yourself – Where are you playing deaf? Where are you denying lessons? What are you drowning them out with? Relationship dramas, keeping overwhelmingly busy, food, alcohol, process addictions, ruminating, creating chaos inside and out.

Dear one, love and let go. Become more awake and aware of where you shut out the light that is trying to speak to you. Do not be afraid of whispers in the dark for they are trying to teach and illuminate your path despite an appearance that may be to the contrary. Use discernment for what is from source, your higher self or super-conscious versus the loud voices frantically screaming trying to get you to run in circles being everything to everyone for those come from fear, misguided attempts at protection and ego.

Fear is ok. You can still act in spite of fear. You can act even when fear is knocking at your door and screaming in your face. You can thank the fear for helping you call forth your bravery and building you up, making you stronger. When you get in touch with your fear and work with it, it can serve you more strongly. Moving through it, fear can show you your greatest demons and your strongest strengths. It can deliver you to doors you never imagined would open and take you to heights you thought you would topple from into an abyss.

If you avoid the lessons or dealing with what’s in front of you time and time again, it will come at you stronger, harder, relentless. Sometimes thinking about something takes more energy and time than just doing it. Rise up. You have deep strength and courage within. Let your lion roar.

December 1, 2019

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Weekly Reading for December 1-7

For this reading, I had someone choose three different cards from Tony Christie’s Labyrinth Wisdom Cards deck, face down. I did not flip each card

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